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What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it is Chasin' It.   Since I got started as a blogger back in 2013, I have found such a sense of fulfillment in my own life. I enjoy writing about my passions, what interests me, what interests other people, and sharing it with the world. With each passing day, The Wilderness Therapy gains more followers, and with that, even more success.


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November 1, 2020

I heard this simple phrase somewhere that struck a chord with me, " When all is lost, then all is found". I am not sure where I heard this phrase, but it stuck. Alright, the parents reading this got me it is from Frozen 2 (stop judging me). As I sat there listening to...

October 28, 2020

My buddy Jake drew a special reserve hunt tag in Indiana to hunt Big Oaks Wildlife Refuge, which parts of it still sees some military testing. Throughout this 55,000 acre piece of land, it is littered with some old munition shells that we had to be aware of trudging th...

September 16, 2020

This is the beginning of my storied first season with a traditional bow. I decided to get into traditional archery and it has been one of my best decisions I have made. I have a lot of people to thank so far, but maybe Ill save that for another video, in the mean time...

September 9, 2020

Nothing do I enjoy more than this time of year hitting the woods with some buddies and scouting out some public land spot. This year is really different for me, usually I go into the season using more modern weaponry to harvest the elusive Whitetail but this year I wil...

July 13, 2020

I usually do more meaningful blogs but I decided to share a recipe that is a crowd pleaser, or at least as much as meatloaf can be. This is one of my signature dishes, I have tried a few other recipes but this has stuck. This time around I made a few adaptations as rec...

July 2, 2020

"Livin' ain't a promise
Livin' ain't a right
And no one here is getting out alive
So pick up all your pieces
Cast the doubt away
Rediscover the color in the grey
Rediscover all the color in the grey"

-"Grey" by Cody Jinks 

Where have you been for the last few months? T...

March 17, 2020

"The best thing about hunting and fishing,' the Old Man said, 'is that you don't have to do it to enjoy it. You can go to bed every night thinking about how much fun you had twenty years ago, and it all comes back clear as moonlight."— Robert Ruark

When I grew up, small...

February 23, 2020

As I was sitting here at my desk trying to find some sort of inspiration of what to write about, I remembered where I had a bunch of old blogs stored that I had wrote 6-7 years ago and I decided to share one that caught my attention. This was kind of interesting to fin...

February 12, 2020

I shared this story on Traditional Outdoors podcast about Chasin' It became a thing but I feel like I should explain it here. I started Chasin' It as a way to share my story. My dream was to get a show on one of the big syndicated hunting network. Well in 2015 my life...

February 5, 2020

I always thought when I was in my late teens, early twenties what made great outdoor memories were the ones when you harvested a trophy animal. I learned a few years ago after becoming part of the traditional community that was not the case. Shows like this one in Kala...

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