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Behind The Accomplishments The Face Of Anxiety

In today's society, we are told who we should be, how to act and what to do. We don't embrace people to be normal, we strike out at those who are considered to be weird or different. Is this why we face the growing trend of suicide and mental illness or are we becoming a softer society? As stated in my video I suffer from anxiety and depression and I have struggled with it for a long time secretly, it was not until the last year I began to release the shackles of my guilt. I was told I was weird, I am fat, and made fun of the way I walk since I was little by people. Luckily for me, I have a strong backbone or so I thought. I realized that I was beating those voices I was absorbing them to create a bully stronger than any of them and that is my brain. So I created this brand and group to shed some light to others struggling and bring to light on how nature has helped me release some of those voices and drown them in the sounds of the pines.

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