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Life In The Woods

We all are looking for some sort of answer in life. We live in this high paced life that tells us we need to move faster, causing us to spin at a faster pace causing much more stress and anxiety.

This last week I have been struggling with life being much more stressed than I truly feel like I need. So i started reading about people who just turned off life and lived in the woods because they could not handle society anymore. Some of these people have become famous because of their against the grain thinking.

Some of these people you may have heard of Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Aldo Leopold and Chris McCandless. All these people lived in the woods and left society in someway. The one I respect the most out of all this was Chris.

He left life because of a poor family life, and all these things that people believed that needed was just unneeded. They eventually made his life into a book, and movie showing what he really believed in.

As this world continues to spin we really start to realize that these people were not the crazy ones, we are.

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