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How To Find Peace In One Easy Action

We all need to hit that reset switch wether it be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly we all need to hit that at some point. We live in this society were daily hustle and bustles take a toll on us. We need to find out what our release is and use it. Some people it is sports, activity, but for me and others reading this is more than likely nature.

I work an outside sales job in my life where it is a lot of rejection, so to take a daily refresh is very important to the sanity of my brain. Everyday on my lunch break I try to find a park or a quite area in nature and just sit and breath it in for 15 mins and absorb it and breath it in. I believe this is something everyone should do daily or just weekly to find that reset button to encourage their sanity.

Life can be hard, but no need to make it harder on your self than it needs to be.

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