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Follow Your Trail :The Key to Happiness

This is something I think as a society we have a hard time believing we should do. We seem to think that following the crowd and paths cut by other people are easier to do then create their own path. This is wear a lot of cultural anxiety is created because we are so worried about what others think that we follow their path for acceptance than our own for happiness.

My grandpa used to always say men don't get their head out of their ass until their 25 and this year I feel like that is true. I turned 25 in the early summer of 2017 and I feel like my way of thinking has really began to change in this last year. I don't know if it was due to life changing experiences that happened this year or just coincidence that it was because I did turn 25. After this life changing year did realize a couple things, and the one being follow your own trail.

After that long winded explanation I did learn something this year, your happiness cannot be found in others it is found within yourself. I think we rely on others for our happiness way to much. We need to find those things that make you happy that don't rely on others to satisfy , this is the key to following your own trail.

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