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Throwback To the Beginning

As I was sitting here at my desk trying to find some sort of inspiration of what to write about, I remembered where I had a bunch of old blogs stored that I had wrote 6-7 years ago and I decided to share one that caught my attention. This was kind of interesting to find since this was before my life took a giant 180. This was from about 6 months before I found out I was having my now 5 year old son. So I hope you enjoy it, as I did when I found it.

We all spend our life driving towards something, often wandering and lost how we are getting there but with finish in sight. We are chasin’ our dreams, desire, and passions. Now the biggest obstacle we may face is someone telling us we cannot do it, or that voice in our head telling us we won’t make it. Chasin’ It is more than that, it's defeating those critics, and conquering those mountains that we said we would never climb.

Now my biggest problem before I decided to chase it, was getting in my head, and believing that I could not do something because I did not have that skill, or someone was just better than me, and that is complete BS! When I started this I tried being someone I was not, a serious all known expert. I am far from it. Now, let's go back 8 months ago, I decided I wanted to be an outdoor writer/speaker like my favorite author Steven Rinella. I recently realized that I was unhappy with my work, no it was not because of quality or no direction. It was because it was not me. It took a friend telling me that I looked like a bomb squad member in all my videos, trying not to pull the wrong wire and it blowing up in my face.

In life we are all ducks in the water, we looked calm cool and collected on top, but below the surface are feet are just spinning. We bottle things up and hope we can figure them out in our heads when all we are doing in extinguishing that fire. In our head, there are two people one that person trying to make the jump, and the other voice is the one trying to talk us off that ledge. Sometimes we need to make that leap and do something big because you don’t know where it will lead you. Some of the best people that you can have are your friends and family to support you. Lucky for me I have a good group of people in my life supporting me and trying to help me along the way. They are a group of people that if you have ideas to tell them to even if they are crazy, heck maybe they can refine it into something that is completely doable.

I recently listen to an interview with Brandon Stanton, He created and is the photographer for Humans of New York. He said that he always wanted to become a photographer, but never made that step because he had a safe full-time job, but one day that job was no longer there and he moved to New York City intending to take 10,000 photos. Now his page is a huge phenomenon because he made that step.

Sometimes that step is all you need, and if you're waiting for your opportunity to come, it most likely won't because you have to make something for your self and kick that door in and catch what you have been Chasin’.

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