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Rediscover The Color In The Grey

"Livin' ain't a promise Livin' ain't a right And no one here is getting out alive So pick up all your pieces Cast the doubt away Rediscover the color in the grey Rediscover all the color in the grey"

-"Grey" by Cody Jinks

Where have you been for the last few months? The answer to that question is rediscovering the color in the grey. Reading that last sentence back, I now realize how bleak and gloomy it now sounds saying it out loud. It is a hard thing to discuss, but it needs to be said.

I came out of the Kalamazoo traditional bow expo like a ball of fire. Everyone was interested in what I was doing and the message I was bringing to the small niche. Then I just disappeared, but why? Everything just to became grey. Any other year this would be abnormal but given our circumstances in 2020. It would be strange if it was not a little grey for everyone.

What do I mean by the term grey? Grey is the feeling that everything has lost its color, rather its beauty. After getting sick in February, everything began to fade to grey. After hitting the darkness in May, this resulted in me wanting to find the color and beauty back in life again.

So a couple of things happened. I reduced how much news I was taking in, which resulted in backing off Facebook. The next was to focus on continuing to surround me with those who bring color to my life. Once again we are to the words community or tribe.

When you start to dig into it, the key to a lot of people's happiness is found in those with who they spend time with. After opening up to many of the people I call close friends, I realized that I was not alone. Many others felt similar at one point or another in their life. Reaching out to them soon gave directions to put color back in my life, rediscover the color in the grey.

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