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My Super Easy Wild Game Meatloaf Recipe

I usually do more meaningful blogs but I decided to share a recipe that is a crowd pleaser, or at least as much as meatloaf can be. This is one of my signature dishes, I have tried a few other recipes but this has stuck. This time around I made a few adaptations as recommended by my friend Thom. So take a look at the video, the recipe will below.


2lbs of Wild Game ( Black Bear is what's in the video)

½ lb of Pork Sausage ( Wild Boar if you have it)

1 Tsp

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Basil (Optional) I forgot on this recipe.

1 ½ tsp Salt and Black Pepper ( Preferably Coarse)

1 Beef Bullion Cube mixed in warm water

1 Egg

Splash of Milk

2/3 Cups of Bread Crumbs ( I used Croutons)

Directions: Mix Bear and the Pork together until evenly mixed. Once mixed add all the seasonings. Mix until everything is consistent. Add egg and milk, once mixed add crumbs. Then put into meatloaf pain

Bake 325 degrees for 1.5 hrs, or to 165 degrees ( Use the later for this recipe)

Grill 250 for 2 hours or to 165 degrees ( Use the later for this recipe)

**** 15 mins from pulling it, you can add ketchup or BBQ sauce at the end for a glaze. I used BBQ sauce, it is also great uncoated as well. Disclaimer: I pulled mine sooner, I hit 165 at an hour 20. I did not realize there was a hot spot where I put the meatloaf so it cooked faster than desired.

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