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All is Lost, All is Found

I heard this simple phrase somewhere that struck a chord with me, " When all is lost, then all is found". I am not sure where I heard this phrase, but it stuck. Alright, the parents reading this got me it is from Frozen 2 (stop judging me). As I sat there listening to the song, I began to realize how fitting this was for where I am at in life.

I watched this in movie theatres pre-2020, and I have sat on this quote for almost a year. As 2020 continued, I had the one line from the song/movie continue to ring in my ears.

*** Disclaimer: If you haven't watched the movie, I highly recommend it because this will make a lot more sense.

Now that this has officially jumped the proverbial shark. I have felt like this is one of the most trying years of my life so far; this is surprisingly 2020 related. The reason was that I never really have found my place in life. I have always felt like a pi

nball clumsily bouncing around in no direction. Those who have followed this journey for the last six years can see that as well.

I began to ask questions to others to determine maybe I wasn't alone. I found out I wasn't. Others expressed that they felt this at one point in their life or still do. It is funny you think that would be more comforting; instead, it seemed to cause more distress. So I was offered a couple of books to read or movies to watch. Once again, this continued to muddy the waters. These did answer some of the questions that I had but created others.

So here I am almost one year from where I started my journey of wanting to be found. I determined that I am no closer to being found. I have begun to realize that maybe no one is ever found and that as we continue to progress. We venture into uncharted grounds and become lost in what is our path.

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