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Quiet Desperation - Awakened Wild

-Henry David Thoreau.

Quiet desperation; unique word choice, right? This sounds like an oxymoron when said together, right? When you think of desperation, another word may come to mind, panic. Quiet panic does not appear as peaceful as it may look typed out, but this is what we are all living in.

Quiet Desperation

Henry David Thoreau's quote above illuminates this thought of being forced into the mold no one fits. Why are we being forced into this mold? Is it because of our parents? Friends? Or is it society? Who is to blame?

We are all living in this state of panic while trying to find our true selves. We stray so far from ourselves trying to satisfy others' undying need to make us conform to a mold we are not made for. How do we discover our true selves while satisfying other's needs? Is this even possible? I am not sure.

Living on the edge of self-discovery is a unique place to be. We feel like we are on the edge of something great while something is still missing.

Is this society telling us were not or is this our inner critic? This path is a confusing one, with distractions along the way to deter us from our true direction of self.

Though this path may be a daunting task, we must stay focused on that quiet desperation and use it as the wind for our sails. Moving forward is the key to perseverance in our life's mission.


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